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The ornamental vinyl plank in china for pet is more and more popular in the market. People care more about pet than themselves.

The rise of the "pet boom" has also led to the development of the pet industry. In addition to the common "dog food", "cat food", "pet snacks", and "pet toys", pet appliances with more detailed functions will extend to pets The pet appliance industry has gradually emerged from the market and has become a vital force in the pet industry under the scenes of food, clothing, housing and transportation.
The market exceeds 200 billion, pet consumption ushered in a boom

 vinyl plank in china for pet

The pet sector once again showed amazing spending power. According to data from Taobao and Tmall, sales of pet food and supplies during Double Eleven increased by more than 100%, and the per capita spending exceeded 5,000 yuan.
The reason behind the hot pet market is the change in people's concept of pet keeping after the improvement of people's lives. In the past, the main function of keeping and buying dogs was to look after the homes. The crude way of raising dogs could meet the daily needs of pets by providing only food and shelter.

In order to prevent damage from pets, the quality of vinyl plank in china's surface materials has been greatly improved.
However, young people now regard pets as family members, they will treat pets more carefully, and they are more willing to invest more costs for pets. Pet consumption has also become anthropomorphic, and consumption surrounding pets’ clothing, food, housing and transportation has begun to become a brand new consumption. In addition to common pet food and pet medical treatment, pet cleaning, grooming, and home appliances are gradually attracting attention. According to statistics, there are currently more than 100 types of pet-related products, and they are increasing at an annual rate of 10%. The pet industry is causing a whole new market boom.

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safe of pet appliances

The popularity of the pet consumer market has attracted products from all fields to enter the game. In front of a huge team of "poop shovel officers", pet appliances have become a rapidly emerging new category. Products such as intelligent feeding and remote care are getting more and more attention. At present, the penetration rate of pet smart products has reached 40.3%, and the market prospect is broad.
Just as we cannot live without home appliances, the anthropomorphism of pet feeding methods has also created the gradual rise of the pet home appliance market. In order to let their "masters" live a better life, the shovel officers also began to purchase a variety of pet home appliances.

And pet home appliances create related products through different life scenarios to provide pets with all-round life needs from food, clothing, housing and transportation.