The comfortable environment of the pvc flooring and skin care in winter

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Some businesses are well versed in your winter needs, and they recommend "Autumn and Winter Skin Care, Washing and Bathing Partner" to treat the source of water and protect your skin. The lemon exquisite skin faucet is matched with the small rose beauty shower QVC551 to ensure that the face and body are cleaned with water, remove residual chlorine, and the VC water will beautify the skin in all directions and wash out the elastic and moisturizing skin.

The comfortable environment of the pvc flooring and skin care in winter.

VC SPA experience, awaken skin's vitality
The most unacceptable thing for people who love beauty in autumn and winter, except for being forced to wear a bloated coat, is the phenomenon of dry skin caused by dry phenology. If you don't pay attention, your skin is dry and tight, with dry lines and dry skin. In severe cases, you may even feel rough, dry and painful. Usually skin care, I always feel that the skin shows a layer of dry skin barriers, so that the skin care products can barely penetrate the pores.
All this is because your skin needs VC.

The beautiful lemon skin faucet contains VC essence filter element, which extracts VC, essential oil and distilled water. It keeps the formation of melanin in the skin, promotes metabolism, helps the skin to resist oxidation and promotes the production of collagen. The skin is white, tender and translucent, allowing you to easily wash your face.

With a matte and nice complexion, you can't be inconsistent, and your body skin can't be neglected.
The beautiful little rose beauty shower QVC551, VC essence filter, supplements vitamin C directly to the bottom of the skin, helps the skin resist oxidation, restores vitality and elasticity, bids farewell to dullness and dryness, and makes your whole body white, tender and translucent.
Clean water and remove chlorine, wash out healthy skin.Skin needs to be white and tender, but also healthy.

Whether it is a newborn baby, an elderly person or a young person, water health is a top priority. This is not only reflected in drinking water, personal washing and cleaning, but also a protective element. The tap water we usually use is generally disinfected with chlorine. After some of the chlorine is consumed by the action of bacteria and microorganisms in the water, some of the chlorine is left. This part of the chlorine is called residual chlorine. This part is easy to react with organic matter to produce carcinogens, and also cause damage to the respiratory system.

The filtration problem of domestic water cannot be ignored.