Use exquisite vinyl plank to create a lazy home environment and space

2020-12-21 15:48:25 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1698
It is not hard to Use exquisite vinyl plank to create a lazy home environment and space. At the same time, we can also arrange a variety of furniture.
Its double-layer cushion can be used in 3 ways. It can be folded to enjoy a soft package, and when it is opened flat, you can stretch your legs comfortably. Open the zipper to remove and separate another cushion. Share the warm winter time with your friends and feel full of healing full.

Comfortable weekend

If two people stay together, what would be the correct way to open the weekend? Cook a small hot pot at home, or play games together, say goodbye to the loneliness of one person, and reap the happiness of 1+1>2. This product easily solves the problem of staying in for good friends. It is a lazy sofa, a recliner, and a tatami bed!

Two-person elastic foam cushion, spacious and comfortable, with 5 adjustments for each of the two joints. You can switch the angle you like. After unfolding, you can fully straighten your legs and sleep peacefully. After being folded, it is compact and easy to store, and it is ingeniously integrated with the Japanese atmosphere.
Then, in the color picture and vivid space constructed by vinyl plank, we have a different home experience.
The lazy sofa is not just a winter limitation. In this busy era, the house is just a way to enjoy life. Occasionally, you can slow down a little bit, relieve all your tiredness on a sunny weekend, enjoy a cup of coffee or milk tea, and enjoy the time of quiet solitude in the small and old room. It is also a good thing.


The signs of the end of autumn and winter are obvious. Autumn leaves fall, the temperature drops, and the air dries up. The biggest change in the human body is that the skin becomes more sensitive and dry. In severe cases, even redness, allergies and other problems will follow. Expensive skin care products and body lotions are used alternately, but they are not always ideal.
Your body lacks a full coverage moisturizing care!

For the kitchen space, the so-called products can only meet the functional needs, are monotonous and boring, and cannot give more possibilities in terms of appreciation and emotion; while the works can make the kitchen space both functional and artistic, and at the same time It can also meet the diverse needs of different cooks and provide more exclusive experience for kitchen users.