Concrete steps for laying Vinyl Flooring sheets

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Concrete steps for laying Vinyl Flooring sheets

Primer construction

1. Except for very few cases, the base layer needs primer treatment. Its function is to seal the floating dust on the ground that cannot be removed after being cleaned by a broom to ensure that the self-leveling adhesive and the base layer have a true and complete joint surface. You can make Vinyl Flooring sheets fit the ground.
2. Uniform water absorption of the base layer to ensure that the self-leveling adhesive will not lose fluidity due to excessive water absorption of the base layer or weaken its strength due to too low water absorption of the base layer.
3. The role of bonding bridge to enhance the close combination of self-leveling adhesive and base layer

4. Construction method: The interface treatment agent of cement floor should be mixed with water according to the ratio of 1:1. After dilution, it is fully rolled with a wool roller. The absorbent base layer of the draft should be rolled two to three times, and the concrete floor does not need to be added. Water, roll on directly, do not mix with water on non-absorbent surface, drying time is about 1-3 days.

Vinyl Flooring sheets

Self-leveling construction process
1,Primary treatment
Materials and tools: sander, sandpaper, broom
1) Any cracks and cracks in the base layer should be repaired in time;
2) If the base layer has a large area of unevenness or the surface is powdered or sanded, it should be polished by a local grinder;
3) Remove the rubbish, oil, floating ash, residual oars and old adhesives on the grassroots level, and broom it completely;
2. Self-leveling cement construction
Materials and tools: self-leveling cement, mixer, mixing bucket, measuring bucket, self-leveling rake (C1, C2, R2, R3 rack), defoaming drum, sander, sandpaper, broom.
1) Pour 7 liters of clean water into the mixing tank, then add 1 package (25KG) of self-leveling powder, and mix until the slurry is uniform and flowable without agglomeration;
2) Pour the self-leveling cement slurry into the floor and spread it out with a self-leveling rake to control the thickness;
3) Use a special self-leveling defoaming roller to roll the ground to remove air and avoid air bubbles;
4) People can walk around 4 hours after self-leveling construction. After 24 hours, sand with a sander and 60-mesh sandpaper, and then you can lay the floor after thoroughly brooming.
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