What to do before laying Vinyl Flooring sheets

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What to do before laying Vinyl Flooring sheets, we can find some practices below. After doing so, laying Vinyl Flooring sheets can proceed smoothly.

Inspection of base construction work surface

Elastic floor material is a lightweight material that is directly attached to the ground. The condition of the original floor has a decisive influence on the construction quality. Before construction, it is very important to test and qualitatively determine the ground. The following conditions:

1. The ground is level.
2. No cracks on the surface of the base layer.
3. The base layer is fully dried, and its moisture content should not be greater than 9%. Because the cement calendering needs to be cured with water during the laying process, the 1mm thick cement floor needs about one day to dry (25mm requires one month to dry). At the same time, the drying time should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature.
4. There is no pollution on the surface of the base layer, no adhesive, plaster and paint residue.
5. The construction temperature is not lower than 15 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is not higher than 75%.
6. The strength level of the base layer is greater than C20, there must be no scaly material, and no piece of peeling

Vinyl Flooring sheets

Grassroots clean and sanding construction

Before laying, the empty valleys, sand, polluted and loose parts at the base level must be carefully cleaned. Use a surface grinder and a portable angle grinder to remove the small superelevation part and raised agglomerate parts of the floor. Polish all the ground and clean it with a broom.
After we set it up, we have to buy furniture. The guide for buying furniture can help us buy suitable furniture.