To feel comfort of the derorative SPC Flooring after Take a bath in the house

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The experience that furniture brings to people is not available at every point in time. The derorative SPC flooring is indeed different.

The five-fold refinement and high-efficiency filtration of the lemon exquisite skin faucet can filter out impurities and residual chlorine in the water, and care for the facial skin. The two sets of products are used together to double empower the skin and bring meticulous care.

Comfortable interactive experience, easy to use and more convenient

In the use of the product, in addition to the basic functions and effects, the experience sense and convenient interaction of the product cannot be ignored.

The comfort of SPC Flooring
People's exploration of space functionality and artistry has never stopped. For a long time, people have left artistic design behind in order to satisfy the functionality, resulting in the unhealthy development of kitchen space.

derorative SPC Flooring

Take a bath

Whether it’s the filtration of tap water or the skin-beautifying lotion, it needs long-term and effective persistence. Meidi understands the needs of customers and reduces the size of the lemon exquisite skin faucet, which is as small as a mobile phone and has no burden to carry; 5 Faucet adaptor, 3-step simple and quick connection, one-key switch between raw water and skin-beautifying water modes, open water purification VC spa anytime, anywhere.

We always have all kinds of problems due to water problems. Midea's innovation combines home and skin care, and brings users the "autumn and winter skin care, washing and bathing partner" composed of the beautiful lemon exquisite skin faucet and the small rose beauty shower. The azimuth cares for the skin, allowing users to experience the cleansing experience brought by beautiful products in their daily lives and enjoy the clean water life.