How to Install LVT Click Flooring? Step by Step Guide

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1. What is LVT Click flooring

We have introduced LVT(Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring in detail in 101 Guide of LVT, WPC & SPC Vinyl Flooring| How to Choose?, and we know LVT flooring is a popular type of SPC flooring. So what’s LVT click flooring? According to the way of assembly, LVT flooring can be divided into dry back, click and loose lay. The craft of click is designed for DIY which makes the installation easy and quick.

LVT click flooring overcomes most flooring problems, such as leaving seams and warping caused by external weather changes. And in the process of laying, it is completely nail-free, glue-free, keel-free and directly laid on the ground, saving the height of the room. It is quite economical and practical, can be repeatedly disassembled and used.

lvt click flooring

2. How to install Vinyl Click Tile flooring?

Tools Needed

  • Tape measure

  • Tapping block

  • Hammer

  • Moisture meter

  • Pencil

  • Moisture-proof film


Vinyl click tile flooring can be installed on existing flooring like wood floor, linen floor, PVC floor tile, etc., but cannot be installed on soft flooring like carpet. Before installation, remove the packagings for click vinyl tiles, because they need to be acclimatized in the room for at least 24 hours to get an adequate temperature. And don’t forget to check if there are any visible defects.


Before the installation, you must check the projects under the ground to see whether there is water leakage. The subfloor should be dry, smooth and clean before installation. Use a moisture meter to measure the ground moisture, make sure it is no more than 20% and make sure the subfloor is flat.

Moisture barrier

Before paving the LVT click flooring, lay a 2mm moisture-proof film.The long side of the moisture-proof film is aligned with each other and cannot overlap, and then bonded with plastic tape. Make sure the moisture-proof film is in place to form a whole and protect the floor from moisture.


Start from a corner of your room. Place the tongued side of the click vinyl plank flooring against the wall, leaving a 10mm expansion joint between the wall and the short side of the plank. Align the next click plank to the short edge of the first board at an angle around 35° and place the plank flat on the ground. Use hammer to click the tongue into the groove and use a tapping block to ensure it flat and firmly locked. The final plank of the first low should be cut to a suitable length, leaving a 10mm expansion joint.

After completing the installation of first low, combine the tongue edge of the first board in the new row to the groove in the previous row. Complete the following installation of each row in this manner until you come to the last row. Use the tape measure to measure and mark the last plank, cut it to create a same expansion joint. Finally add the skirting line to the perimeter of the room to fill the 10mm expansion gaps.

Whether your room is rectangular or not, the expansion joints on all sides must be in the same width, so as to avoid the click vinyl plank flooring from arch joint.

The loss of the lvt click flooring depends on room size and shape.Generally speaking, the loss ranges from 3% to 5%. So make sure your click vinyl planks are sufficient.

After finishing installation, floors need to be cleaned and maintained properly and termly. You can take several minutes to read Teach You the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Floors--Simple but Effectively, protect your fruits of labor.

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