New retail is not just a shopping concept

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Only when the capital tide ebbs can we really discover who is swimming naked. This scene is happening in the field of Internet home improvement. The stubborn problems of traditional home improvement such as platform runaway, long construction period, and unscientific construction have not been completely resolved, but have become more rampant. Perhaps this is the main reason why Internet home improvement has been denounced by many people as false propositions. Although unicorn companies such as Tubatu and have also appeared in the field of Internet home improvement, Internet home improvement does not seem to be what people expected. The LVT Flooring manufacturers in china are not surprised.

Perhaps because of this, people began a new round of exploration when the Internet dividend retreated. One of the topics explored is how to use new technical means to change the pain points and problems that cannot be changed by Internet technology. Among them, the new retail empowerment of Internet home improvement is a very direct proof.

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The pain points and problems that still exist in the home improvement industry finally show that the Internet home improvement does not really solve the pain points and problems of the home improvement industry. Even in the era of Internet home improvement, there have been many self-contained platforms, aggregation platforms, and vertically subdivided platforms, but these platforms are only conceptual innovations in essence, and their essence has not really changed the home improvement industry itself. This is the concept of Internet home improvement.

Since the driving force of Internet home improvement comes from the power of capital, we see that many Internet home improvement platforms are using various novel changes to attract the attention of capital, and obtain continuous forward energy through continuous financing. Many concepts such as 24-hour monitoring, F2C supply chain, and decoration credit were born under this background. Although these concepts have enriched the traditional home improvement industry, because these concepts require more operating costs when they are implemented, they eventually stranded many Internet home improvement concepts, and the implementation became a problem.