The advantages of LVT Flooring in china

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1.Green and renewable

The main raw material of LVT Flooring in china is a substance called polyvinyl chloride. This raw material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and it is a renewable resource, which often appears in our daily life, such as tableware, tap water pipes, and medical products. Infusion tube bag and so on, so there is no need to worry about its environmental performance.

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2. Lightweight and wear-resistant
The thickness of the plastic floor is very thin, only 2-3mm, and the weight per square meter is also very light, less than one-tenth of the ordinary materials of LVT Flooring in china . High-rise buildings will pay special attention to the load-bearing of the building and the saving of space. It has a very big advantage in this regard.
There is a wear-resistant layer on the plastic floor. Although it is transparent, it is very hard. The thickness and quality of the wear-resistant layer of the floor will vary according to different varieties, but if it is used normally, it can last as long as 5-10 years. Because the plastic floor has very good wear resistance, it is very suitable for places with relatively large traffic such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and supermarkets.
3. Anti-slip and impact resistance
The wear-resistant layer of the plastic floor is not only wear-resistant, but also non-slip. Under normal circumstances, if there is water on the ground, it will become slippery, but after the plastic floor is wet, the foot feels will become astringent, which will not slip easily. Therefore, in some public places with high safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, schools, etc., you can choose to lay plastic flooring.
The texture of the plastic floor is relatively soft, so the foot feels very comfortable when you step on it. At the same time, its elastic recovery ability is very good under the impact of heavy objects, so if a person falls, it can minimize the damage of the ground to the human body, and it will not cause the impact of the floor.
4. Flame retardant, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing
The fireproof level of the plastic floor can reach the highest level of fireproofing of building materials. Its original material will not burn but can also prevent combustion. If it is passively ignited, it will not produce toxic gases, and its smoke will not cause harm to the human body. .