Four points to use floor wax of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china

2020-10-16 16:38:01 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1604
When using floor wax, we need to follow some guidelines of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china. Only in this way can the floor meet our needs.

If the quality of the purchased floor wax is too hard, it contains less harmful substances and releases, and basically does not harm human health. If the quality of the floor wax is not good enough, and if you do not pay attention to the details during the waxing process (such as not opening doors and windows to allow ventilation during waxing, smoking during waxing, etc.), fires are likely to occur.

1. Cleaning: For the newly renovated floor, it should be maintained in time. Using floor wax can make the top plate form a protective film to isolate the floor from the dirt, so as to prevent the dirt from directly contacting the floor or even penetrating into the paint, which will cause inconvenient cleaning in the future .

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2. Moisturizing: Through continuous waxing, the floor gradually forms an oil board to keep the moisture in the floor from leaking out to cause drying and bursting, nor absorbing to cause expansion, so as to keep the floor from deformation and cracking;

3. Protection: Floor wax can keep the surface paint of the floor with proper grease, and will not change color even if it is exposed to direct sunlight;

4. Polishing: After using the floor wax, the brightness of the floor can be improved. The elasticity of the floor can be maintained, and the effect is better than again.